is a vertically integrated art company specializing in full-service art consulting and advising for commercial contracts, healthcare, and hospitality. We work with clients to support or manage the art development and supply chain process, to create concepts for their projects, and collaborating with them on customized fine art options that reflect their projects' visions and budgets.

Our vast portfolio of art brands created by in-house staff artists, along with licensed artists allow for high degrees of innovation and customization of art, printed and custom framed at our factory in TN. This allows us to offer best-in-class service, competitive prices, superior quality, and shorter lead times than our competitors.

Established in 2013, the company, Inc. dba Art Firm came to life with a vision of innovating online shopping by making curated art from artists worldwide accessible to everyday consumers. R2h has amassed a library of over 8,000 published images from 30+ licenses and created multiple exclusive brands. In 2020, the factory, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, pledged its commitment to lowering its carbon footprint by turning waste materials in manufacturing into art supplies for its non-profit initiative Minor Masters.

With almost a decade of experience, the e-commerce native supplier exceeds manufacturing and fulfillment expectations in the on-demand direct-to-consumer industry. Its high degrees of innovation, customization, best-in-class service, competitive prices, superior quality, and shorter lead times make the Art Firm an ideal b2b supplier.

building teams

since 2013

with a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Juliana Roslin

Principal, Founder & CEO.

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Josh Roslin

Operations, COO

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