Process behind the Corridor Art of Multi-Family project Longleaf at St. Johns FL.

The corridor art package of Longleaf at St. Johns FL, stands as a great example of one of our meticulously executed projects, seamlessly executed from ideation to installation.

Exterior photography courtesy of Longleaf at St. Johns FL

In the realm of art curation, every project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Recently, we embarked on a journey to complete the Corridor Art Package for a rather large residential Multi-Family project characterized by its complexity and architectural diversity. We will explain the intricate process behind the creation and installation of this dynamic project, emphasizing the fusion of creativity, design, strategic planning and installation from our team.

The Challenge

The newly opened luxury Multi-Family community comprises (6) six buildings, each boasting (4) four floors, resulting in a myriad of crisp open corridors awaiting adornment. The task at hand was not merely about decorating these spaces with art but rather orchestrating harmony with intentionally designed pieces that would seamlessly integrate with the project's overarching design aesthetic. Due to the amount of artworks needed, we faced the challenge of either repeating pieces, or creating unique artworks while instilling a sense of unity and flow throughout the entire selection.

We decided upon the latter, and chose to create more than 150 custom art designs for the project. This was accomplished with the leadership and direction of our Principal Founder, Juliana Roslin and created amongst (2) two staff artists, Alejandra Linares and Adolfo Ortiz. Due to the substantial amount of artworks needed, we faced the challenge of avoiding repetition while instilling a sense of unity and flow throughout the entire selection. Moreover, the creation process had to be highly efficient; with the conceptualization of the project taking just one month—a remarkable achievement considering the project's complexity.

Color Pallet created by Studio Art Firm for the Corridor Art of Longleaf at St. Johns.

The Approach

The creative design process for Corridor Art of Longleaf at St. Johns FL was a comprehensive turn-key operation. This means our involvement spans the entire project lifecycle, collaborating closely with HPA Design Group - Orlando from conceptualization through to installation.

It all began with the project analysis phase, where we convened with the design firm for the initial meeting. During these sessions, they showcased the art previously incorporated in the amenities spaces and ideas for pieces they would like to incorporate in the corridors. Taking inspiration from this, we created a visual strategy. This was a key element of our approach. It involved creating a cohesive color palette that provided a visual thread weaving throughout the entire project. We developed a broad color palette, combined with visualization of elements around the art such as rugs.

Interior Design by: HPA Design Group & Photography by: Studio KWInterior Design by: HPA Design Group & Photography by: Studio KW

The collaborative synergy

Following the presentation of the visual strategy, collaborative sessions ensued with the design firm. Successful art integration is a collaborative endeavor that demands seamless synergy between designers and art consultants. By fostering open dialogue, sharing insights, and exchanging comments, we cultivate a symbiotic relationship that lays the foundation for a truly exceptional project.

At this stage, the design firm reviewed the portfolio of art designed which consisted of over 200 exclusive images, all based on the color palette and design theory that aligned with their project. We engaged in discussions, received feedback, and obtained final approval from them regarding which pieces and elements they want to include or modify. 

Distribution of the Corridor Art at Longleaf, St. Jhons FL

The final step: Artwork installation

In essence, we meticulously curated collections spanning multiple floors, ensuring coherence and continuity throughout the project. This meticulous planning culminated in the execution and launch of our artistic vision. However, the journey did not conclude there; it extended into the realm of installation.

Art installation is a crucial process. Not all art consultancies offer this service, but we do. We understand that it constitutes an art form in itself, as it involves careful consideration of placement, lighting, and the interaction between the artwork and its environment.

Once the artwork designs were approved, we went through the detailed process of specifying the art images by building, floor, and location - we created detailed visual floor plans and a product labeling system that would guide us through every phase of the fabrication and physical installation of the pieces. 

When fabrication was complete, we embarked on the installation phase. For this project, the installation process - was divided in two phases, and lasted a total of (3) three business days. With meticulous organization, project planning and execution, the Art Firm team managed to efficiently install approximately 180 units of art within an impressively concise timeframe. We place great emphasis on this phase of the artwork process, as each installation decision significantly impacts delivery and client satisfaction. 

Highlighting this project's journey of curating, designing, fabricating, and installing the Corridor art for the multi-family development Longleaf at St. Johns showcased the power of our team's creativity, planning strategies, and meticulous project execution. Stay tuned for more on the Art Firm Blog.

Corridor Art of Longleaf at St. Johns, FL.

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